our mission


We exist to Gather the lost, become a family in Christ and help build the Kingdom of God together.



To advance the kingdom of God by raising a generation of young men and women who are God-called, Spirit-empowered, and Christ-honouring preachers and teachers. With passion and integrity, they seek to rightly divide and courageously proclaim the Word of God out of the overflow of a regenerated heart set on fire by the Holy Spirit.

our ministry plans


To create and grow an authentic community of Christ followers who love God and each other. A community who will put others’ interests ahead of their own. A community who will read the Word daily, meditate and practice their faith.


To establish a temporary place of worship where the believers will be able to reach out to the neighbouring community and spread the Word and love of God in practical ways.


A) To disciple and train the young generation to be the leaders of the church and carry her (the church) to their generation with zeal and passion. This training and discipline will take place through one-on-one mentoring and formal education of the new young leaders. They will have the opportunity to teach and preach in order to sharpen their skills.

B) Cultivate a missionary appetite in the church community for evangelism and humanitarian work at home and abroad.

C) Cultivate a new thirst and hunger for justice and righteousness in the church community by getting involved in the life of the city, province and the country.

D) Cultivate a culture of transparency, honesty and open communication from the pulpit.


how it began

In December 2017, God called a handful of people together to pray, worship and gather others of like-mind. As we gathered in the basement of a family member, we experienced the love of the Lord in a new way. Then, we sensed that God wanted to start a new kind of church. A church just like the very first church in the book of Acts. A church which will look after the orphans, widows, and the less fortunate of our communities. A church committed to bring the truth of Jesus Christ to everyone. International Fellowship of Canada is made up of over 47 nationalities. A church when the nations meet Jesus. A church that worships in Spirit and in Truth.


ifc ministries

In 2022, International Fellowship of Canada Ministries (IFCM) was officially recognized by the government of Ontario to become it's own independent religious organization. In attaining this legal status, our church governing body holds the ability to credential approved candidates to become pastors or ordained ministers wherever God calls them. Through our School of Theology, IFCM can lead students down a path of embracing their call to the ministry. By God's grace, this affiliation further allows us to continue to function as a non-denominational church while also giving us the legal privilege to perform marital, funeral and memorial services to our congregation/city.

To learn more about our denominational status, please contact us or visit us in-person.