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We seek to provide our community and congregants with counselling support for the various needs that may be affecting their lives. Connect with a Pastor today if you or someone you know is need of counselling or any other kind of support. Our pastoral staff is qualified and able to assist you in many ways. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Individual, Marriage & Family Counselling
  • Biblical Counselling
  • Financial Literacy
  • Job Searching
  • Immigration Support

schedule a time

It is our privilege to walk with you and your family in whatever you are facing. Our sole desire is to lead our community to a place of health and healing in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. You can call or email the church to schedule a time to meet with a Pastor. Please see our information below.


When you contact us, please provide a phone number and an email by which we can connect with you. Share as little or as much as you want.

circleemail hannah@ifcchurch.ca     

Alternate Phone  (905) 495-2025