Homelessness and mental health are very serious issues in all our cities. The city of Brampton has about 600-700 people living on the streets with a very limited shelter space available. While we cannot meet everyone's needs, we can do a little to bring some relief to a few. Every Friday and Saturday evening, the church family provides sandwiches, hot beverages (fall/winter) and cold drinks (spring/summer), some clothing and toiletry items for those in need. Our team of volunteers travel through the city and deliver these items to our friends on the street wherever we find them congregated.

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The Mission Committee prays, plans, coordinates and organizes mission efforts of IFC both locally and internationally. It’s mandate includes church missions awareness and facilitating missions support programs. Being an outstretched arm of the Church, the Mission Committee also endeavors to launch all-year round and seasonal services in and around the community. This is all to bear witness to the love and goodness of God, for His Glory.

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Our goal is to serve the spiritual, emotional and social needs of our elderly population. Many of them are confined in a facility due to their physical and intellectual limitations related to old age and multiple health issues. Our hope is to share the love of God with them through relationship, prayer, bible-reading and much more. We visit a nursing home every Wednesday morning from 10:30 am - 1:00 pm. We also hold a senior's luncheon every second Wednesday of the month. Consider partnering with us to serve and love on our seniors.

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Our vision is to work with the Holy Spirit to turn our hearts to the church families, our immediate community and our city, ensuring that no one is neglected or forgotten. To care for the unheard voices, the shut-ins, the widows and the orphans; and acknowledging that God has a plan for each one. By building relationships and responding to the immediate needs of the Church and the community, people are able to receive the outpouring of God's love through the extension of His care and encouragement.

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