RISE Youth Ministry is committed to equipping high school students with a biblical worldview and fueling them with a passion for Christ. Our church has always valued pouring into and raising up the next generation. Therefore, We believe in having all of our youth involved in the life of the Church through serving in our Sunday services and other ministry events. We hold a monthly Bible study for all high school students on Saturday evenings at 7:00 PM.

Please email Pastor Raheem at riseyouth@ifcchurch.ca for more information.


Our ministry is committed to equipping young adults (ages 18-35) with a biblical worldview and encouraging them to have a passion for Christ. We believe in creating a community where young adults are able to work out their own salvation with the loving support of each other and faithful leaders. Currently we hold various social events throughout the year to deepen fellowship among young adults. We encourage each person to connect to our Sunday morning services and midweek Bible studies. Get connected with us to learn more about the upcoming RISE YA event.

Please email Pastor Raheem at riseya@ifcchurch.ca for more information.

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