How do we elect our board members?

Our board election process is both practical and biblical. In Acts 6:1-6 we see the model of electing deacons/board members clearly explained for us. Deacons are to of course meet the biblical requirements mentioned in 1 Timothy 3:8-13. However, their main responsibility is in providing care and practical assistance to the ongoing needs of the church and congregation. Their service will allow the pastoral staff to be free to minister the Word of God without hindrance. With their humble support, the church business and maintenance will always be taken care of. Only those who hold to this standard and responsibility will be considered for the board member position.

At IFC Church, we stray away from using the “voting” model for board member election. As the church grows it often becomes difficult to truly know every single member of the congregation. Therefore, it may be even more difficult to identify those biblical qualities within a person if you only see them in passing on a Sunday morning. Therefore, we have determined that our pastoral staff and ministry leaders would identify a few notable members of the congregation that would be suitable prospects for this position. We will then have these members serve in various ministries around the church on a consistent basis for up to a year if need be. This will be a testing of those biblical qualities over a period of time that can be observable by the whole congregation. We as a leadership will use this time to pray and fast for the Lord's direction as well.

For our church, the aim will always be to have our board members observed and known by a majority of the congregation already. In this manner, we will avoid a voting process that may inevitably turn into a popularity contest and have a biblical model instead. Both the congregation and ministry team will have the opportunity to interact with these individuals to ensure they are appropriate for the board member position.

If you have any questions concerning our board election policies, please do not hesitate to contact us.