ifc church resource center

Browse through the various topics below and click to download free PDF resources that will equip and encourage you on your spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. If you would like to have a physical copy of a resource, visit us in person and we will gladly provide it to you. For any questions about these resources please email

Pastor Raheem at raheem@ifcchurch.ca

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  • The truth about the believer's spiritual battle.

  • This brief resource will help demystify the will of God and how we can understand it for our lives. This document is filled with many biblical insights to give you hope and wisdom for walking in God's will every day.

  • A booklet that walks you through the denominational differences represented in our region and what we should know about their pursuit of truth.

  • A resource to enlighten you on the use and purpose of spiritual gifts in the church setting and how it can apply to your life as you serve at IFC.

  • 9 Bible principles for financial management. God calls each Christian to steward their finances in a way that honours Him. Learn what steps you can take to become a good steward for yourself and your family.

  • A collection on resources that equips Christian families with the knowledge and skills needed to deal with the modern issues facing the church. We cover topics such as biblical sexuality, gender in the bible, marriage, parenting and more.

  • 5 ways to celebrate the coming of our Saviour this Christmas.